Tables. How to make a table in a modal window (opens in a dialog window)

Use the following markup 

<a href='#' class='as-table-modal' data-code='profile' data-itemID='11' data-big="1" >Show tablea>


data-code - specifying the table code.
data-itemID - specifying the element ID. IMPORTANT: it doesn't work here tablicy--kak-sdelat-tablicu-v-modalnom-okne--otkryvaetsya-v-dialogovom-okne
data-big - if 1, the modal window will be large. 
data-title - the title of the modal window.
data-slideout - enabling window appearance mode.& nbsp; If 1-pushes to the left and takes up almost the entire screen. 

  1. By analogy, you can make a form in a modal window (the only difference is that the table does not have a parameter btnText). 
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