Tables. How to link 2 tables

1.For the parent table, specify a column with a link to another page in the getItems stored procedure
DECLARE @result TABLE (id int, title nvarchar(256), code nvarchar(64),
                       demo nvarchar(256), cols nvarchar(256))

SELECT id as id,

       + title + '' as title, -- this link for the form

       isnull(code,'') as code,
       isnull(demo,'') as demo,

       Колонки ' as cols , -- this link for the table

FROM as_crud_tables

2.In the markup of the child page in the snippet, specify without reference to the parameters
3.In the settings of this table, specify the URL Extension

4.For a child table in GetItems, this parameter is passed as part of the filter (in this case, it is the tableID parameter from the URL) 
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[crud_newTableTest_getItems]
	@filters CRUDFilterParameter READONLY,--here the parameter url-itemID is stored 
	@sort sql_variant,
	@direction nvarchar(8),
	@page int,
	@pageSize int,
	@username nvarchar(32)
	DECLARE @result TABLE (id int, name nvarchar(256), code nvarchar(64)

        --getting a parameter from the filter and entering it
	DECLARE @filterTableID nvarchar(128)into a variable
	SELECT @filterTableID = try_cast(Value as int) from @filters where [Key] = 'tableID'

	INSERT INTO @result
	SELECT  id as id,
                isnull(name,'') as name,
                isnull(code,'') as code
	FROM as_trace
	WHERE tableID = @filterTableID --link the tables

5.This parameter will also be passed when creating entities (fastCreate), so that the entity can be saved correctly. 
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