Tables. How to link a table and edit an entity (dependent page)

  1. In the parent table, specify a link to the form in the column (in the stored procedure GetItems).
    DECLARE @result TABLE (id int, title nvarchar(256), code nvarchar(64),
                           demo nvarchar(256), colls nvarchar(256))
    INSERT INTO @result
    SELECT id,
           --link to the form
           ''+title+'' as title,
           isnull(code,'') as code,
           '/page1/'+ cast(id as nvarchar) as demo,
           --link to the table
    FROM as_crud_tables
  2. On the form page, specify the snippet 
    <div class="as-form" data-code="editForm" data-itemid="tablicy--kak-svyazat-tablicu-i-redaktirovanie-sushchnosti--zavisimaya-stranica"></div>
    (passing the URL parameter itemID)
  3. Then we just process the form in GetItem according to the usual scenario.
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