Forms. How do I accept multiple incoming parameters instead of just one parameter(itemID)?

For example, we have the input parameters entityID, entityCode, field. And we need to pass this to getItem.

To do this, combine them into 1 parameter and pass them to data-itemID= ” page_1234_title”.

In the Getitem code, divide the itemID into parameters:

declare @itemID nvarchar(256) = '1111_33_555555',
@first nvarchar(128),
@second nvarchar(128),
@third nvarchar(128),
@splitTemp nvarchar(128)

select @first =   LEFT(@itemID, CHARINDEX('_', @itemID) - 1)
select @splitTemp =  SUBSTRING(@itemID, CHARINDEX('_', @itemID)+1, LEN(@itemID))
select @second =  LEFT(@splitTemp, CHARINDEX('_', @splitTemp) - 1)
select @third =  SUBSTRING(@splitTemp, CHARINDEX('_', @splitTemp)+1, LEN(@splitTemp))
select @first, @second, @third

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