Installing Falcon Space on a server / hosting

To install the basic web application of the Falcon Space platform, follow these steps: 

  1. Copying the database blank2via SP system_replicateFalconDB. Specify the database name, the user's sql password, and the administrator password. 
  2. Give the created user rights to the database db_owner
  3. Prescribing the DNS zone for the domain (a record from the IP server of the application).
  4. Copy the falconBlank2 web application to the desired folder on the server (C:\sites\projectName).
  5. Create a project in the Falcon site and get a license for the domain
  6. Write in web. config (connection to the database, the cookie name, license key)
  7. Creating a site in IIS, prescribing bindings (with WWW and without WWW, with HTTPS and without HTTPS)
  8. Grant write permissions to the /uploads folder for IIS_IUSRS
  9. We check that everything works - launch the domain and log in under the admin.