Setting the work schedule (weektime form field)

The field can be viewed on the demo stand (at the bottom of the page) -

Form field type-weektime (Select hours in a week).

For the initial installation, the following format is used: d1,h11,h12,h13_d2,h21,h22, h23    dx - this is the number of the day of the week from 1 to 7. and hxx is the hours for that day from 0 to 23.

Example: 2,1,2,3,4,23_5,1,2,4,6

Output for the specified example: 


A snippet of the form is used inside the field:  

<div class="as-weekTime" data-value="2,1,2,3,4,23_5,4,2,1,6" data-code="el1" data-title="Choose a time" data-showhours="1" data-standartworktime="Standard time"></div>
  • value - setting the field value
  • code - to create a download callback (automatically inserted when generating via the form)
  • title - top left cell (configurable on the form as a field header)
  • showHours - if 1, then the time will be entered in the cells.
  • standartWorkTime - if the text is set, a button with this text will be added, which sets the standard 5/2 working mode from 9 to 18 with a break of 13 for lunch. To set up this field on the form, you need to specify a placeholder for the field

The callback for the element loading event is set as follows: 

 // el1 - this is the element code
 as.weekTimeCallbacks["el1_load"] = function(cont){

The element code can be viewed through the browser (it is generated automatically  -wt1,wt2, etc. - in order of similar elements on the page)

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