Layout. Changing the styling via CSS

  • Do not change the global styles in the program (for example .btn, body, header, .card). This will affect the entire appearance (not just the elements you're working on). Create your own styles and work with them.
  • Do not use common names without prefixes as the names of your CSS classes (for example, class=’title’ with subsequent styling for this class). Use your own unique classes with the project and page prefix, for example proj1-supplier-catName
  • If the style applies only to a specific page, then it is located in the CSS block of this page. If it refers to different pages, then in the global CSS block.  But in any case, use the prefix system for your custom styles.
  • Make the most of the styling features through the Bootstrap classes. Try to use CSS only for complex cases and for precise element positioning (Bootstrap classes can do the rest).
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