Layout. How to embed a ready-made layout in a page

If you have a ready-made layout, proceed as follows:

  1. Put the entire layout folder via the file Manager in the folder in/uploads
  2. Copy all the necessary layout from the original to the page, and add CSS from the template to the file.
  3. if you need to connect template scripts, connect them as follows:

    jslink: "/uploads//js/bootstrap-slider/bootstrap-slider.min.js",
    csslink: "/uploads/js/bootstrap-slider/css/bootstrap-slider.min.css",
    conditionObject: false,  //or a component object
    callback: function () {
       //here is the code that will be executed after loading.
    isCacheable: true

You can also connect scripts in a separate field (Connect scripts).

  1. Correct all paths to images in the page layout (they should start with/uploads/...)
  2. Start the page and fix the following points:
  1. In console, check that there are no JS errors and no 404 errors.
  2. If the styles overlap with a common template somewhere, then set a specific style in the CSS block of this page.
  3. Check the adaptability of the design.
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