This is a separate mode of the table component.
Example of how the Time line component works

To display the timeline you must do the following: 
  1. Create a table with columns
    1. the id - id for performing operations on the event
    2. the title 
    3. the link
    4. the date-event date, output string
    5. the text-event text
    6. the icon (e.g. fa-cube)
    7. iconBackgroundClass-icon background (success, etc.)
    8. isRight (show to the right of the vertical line)
  2. Write the GetItems request
    1. SELECT 1 (with columns id int, title nvarchar(256), link nvarchar(256), date nvarchar(256), [text] nvarchar(256), 
      icon nvarchar(256), iconBackgroundClass nvarchar(256), isRight bit)
    2. In SELECT 3, set ViewType='timeline'
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