Inserting links using a template (YouTube link, patternString)

The patternString field type allows you to enter a certain field in a certain format (for example, a link to Youtube) and output a markup with the code from this field in the form of some markup in a certain form (for Youtube, this is an iframe with a YoutubeID). 

An example can be viewed here below - All fields of the form

A person inserts a link to YouTube and gets a visualization. The platform extracts a certain string and the initial input string from the template and substitutes it in a special markup. 

How to implement it: 

1. Specifying the type Line by template (patternString)

2. In getItem, we specify the initial value in the form "Source line||value", where Value is, for example, this is youtubeID

We also specify options_ for the field in which we specify an array of templates (regular expressions) and   & nbsp;makeup-markup with the insertion of the variable {value}, which will be replaced by value from the input line.

-- GetItem for form
  --'||HTNlwdYBef4' s50,
  '||HTNlwdYBef4' s50,
  '{"templates": [".*?v=(.*)$", "*)$"], "makeup": "" }' options_s50


  • the example shows 2 url templates for Youtube links. 
  • if several templates are suitable, the last suitable template will be applied. 
  • in templates, some characters are replaced with their html counterparts (for example, & is replaced with &), keep this feature in mind

3. In saveItem, we get this field in the form of "Source string||value", which can be parsed using the function dbo.str_splitPart

-- saveItem
set @inputString = dbo.splitPart(@val, '||', 1)
set @elementID = dbo.splitPart(@val, '||', 2)

Thus, it is possible to process various data in a certain format and through templates to visualize them immediately on the form in the form of a certain markup.

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