Introduction to Falcon Space. What's the first?

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What is Falcon Space?

This is a platform for developing web portals, platforms, and personal accounts with a strong SQL bias. Any component is configured via SQL, which is created directly from the developer admin dashboard, i.e. no separate development environment is required.

What does the system give me as a developer?

The main thing is reducing the cost of work by reducing the complexity and requirements for developers.
The system encapsulates the complexity of web development for an SQL programmer. The developer's task in 90% of cases is to write SQL procedures correctly, and the system will do everything else itself (output data in various forms, processing user input).

At the same time, the system has almost no critical restrictions on editing business logic. You can change existing logic and write new business logic in the project. This is a very important point-the ability to meet almost any requirement of the customer in the project.

By reducing complexity, the project requires fewer people. 2 people is enough to run a fairly functional project with a lot of requirements.

To fully support a project on Falcon Space, you need to know only 2 technologies - SQL (SQL Server) and Bootstrap 4 (the layout framework). If you are familiar with these technologies, you can easily create your own solutions based on Falcon Space.

The main way to work in Falcon Space

How any functionality in the system is created:

1. A page is created in the control panel, and rights, breadcrumbs, title, and other parameters are configured.
2. Component snippets are added to the page, for example, a table:

<div class="as-table" data-code="table1"></div>

3. The table component is created (in the control panel), where columns are added and stored procedures are implemented using the template (GetItems, UpdateField, Delete, Add, etc.)
4. The result is checked - a working table with filters, sorting, adding and editing data.

In a simple case, you can make a similar table in 20 minutes.

What can the platform do?

The platform allows you to create various pages with tables, forms, dashboards, and graphs.

You can add chats, comments, and status buttons.

There is a built-in Telegram bot.

There are various ways to output data - Kanban, Gant, nested tables, modal forms, popover forms, and calendar.

there are components of functional directories adapted for SEO with the ability to have their own customized layout.

And all this is managed via SQL.

In addition, there is data localization and interface, there is support for PWA applications.

There are ready-made integrations with payment systems, Google services, delivery services, etc.

There is a universal API that allows you to send requests externally, as well as create your own API for incoming requests over HTTPS GET/POST.
You can integrate with various systems through this mechanism.

For a full list of features, see here.

Deeper acquaintance

For a more detailed view, we recommend viewing the following guides and examples:

Also look at the documentation in general , to understand the system settings in more detail.

How can I try the system in action

Within 3 months, we plan to start issuing temporary trial licenses so that anyone can download the platform and view it on their hosting.
The source code of the platform is closed, but this does not limit the possibility of developing the system using SQL, Bootstrap (as well as JS, CSS).

If you like the system and want to try using it in your projects, we can offer temporary access to our demo stand in a separate order.
box Prices are indicated on the page Box prices Falcon Space


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