Loading the form in the drop-down window

You can display a small form in the drop-down window next to the button. This form is similar to the popover form, but it closes by clicking outside the drop-down window.

Dropdown demo stand with a form - https://demo.web-automation.ru/list/watch/pokaz-nebolshoy-formy-v-vypadayushchem-okne---107

To do this, we use similar markup: 

<div class="as-dropdown  dropright" data-content="1111<br>22222<div class='as-table' data-code='codeRevisions' data-itemID='0'></div>" data-formcode="newPage" data-formitemid="0">
 <a href="#" class="btn btn-info">Show</a>


  • data-content - sets arbitrary content in the drop-down window. 
  • data-formCode - form code 
  • data-formItemID - itemID, which is passed to the form. 

The link a in the container can be any with any classes, it is important that it be exactly a, not button. 

The container as-dropdown can have classes dropright dropup dropleft, which specify exactly how the form will open (by default it opens down). 

IMPORTANT. Initialization of the form or components in content will occur every time the button is clicked, and not immediately when it appears on the page (calling as.initControls).This eliminates possible problems with multiple loading (for example, in the case when the dropdown form is loaded in each row of the table).

Within data-content, you can load any component, for example, a table or a resource manager.

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