Falcon Space is a system of turnkey solutions for business with flexible options for changing and developing the product for you.

Using our best practices, you can quickly launch the basic system into operation, and then develop it as necessary directly from your personal account on the site.

What is in the box?

  • multilingualism (the ability to translate the program interface and business data)
  • geolocation, location based on request
  • the ability to create several similar database integration engines
  • the ability to directly connect and use with existing MS SQL Server databases
  • design adaptability and PWA (Progressive Web Applications) technology for creating an analogue of mobile applications
  • functional tables, forms and dashboards that allow you to implement almost any interface of your user account
  • the ability to stylize a design by changing theme settings and using CSS within a project
  • Generic API service for uploading data to JSON and XML
  • import / export data in Excel
  • data visualization in the form of graphs, Gantt charts or kanban boards
  • security through the use of SSL certificates

System Components

Components - the building blocks of the system from which user accounts are created


Display and edit tabular data with various additional modes (kanban, gantt). Flexible styling options


Quick creation of forms for adding and editing information, the ability to create customized forms with various layouts (tabs, panels, modal forms, forms in a pop-up context window).

Dashboards / Graphics

Graphical display of information on the start page of the user’s account. Charts, histograms, key indicators, etc.


Product accounting, product range and universal attribute system, displaying a catalog with filters, basket, orders.

Chats, commenting

A universal system for connecting commenting and chat to entities (order, project, etc.). Group chats, notifications.

API and integration

Creating an HTTPS API service directly from your account through SQL logic. Formats - XML ??and JSON.

Generate Excel and Word documents

Create documents from credentials using predefined document templates.

Resources - Photos and Documents

Attaching documents and photos to certain objects in the system (to the application, order, user)

Excel import-export

Organization of uploading and downloading of any data through Excel to the system according to the specified file template.

Nested metrics / metrics

Quick creation of a metric system in a tabular form based on data in the database with the ability to "fall through" deep into the data.


Management of the status of any objects of the accounting system and possible actions on them. Restrict access to actions by role. Standardization of movement in the processing of applications


A universal system of notification of events in the system. Automatic notifications of certain data states in the database.

Interesting features of the system functionality

These features are not key, but make using the system more convenient and simple.

Forms in modal / popup

You can display a form or just some information by clicking a button in a table or another component (using simple markup snippets)


Need more information on the element - show this data in a sub-table to the selected row in the table.

Tables in a modal window

Also display tabular data inside the form, for example in the form in a modal window.

Special table modes

A table can display data not only in a tabular form, but also in the form of a Gantt chart or a kanban board.

Diving deeper into indicators

The scorecard allows you to unlimitedly fall into the depths of any indicator. All control rests with SQL stored procedures.

Quizzes and step wizards

Create special forms in the form of wizards, where the information is filled out in steps.

Table styling

Make table cells stylized to your logic - colors, progress bar, description, icons, percentage change indicator.

Universal chats

Components cling to any entity (such as chats). Discuss a specific order only within the framework of this order, and not in general correspondence.

Flexible directory system

The catalog display system with CNC addresses, adaptation for SEO and the ability to change the standard layout.

Hotkey shortcuts

Perform frequent key actions from any page using the keys Ctrl + Alt + [Num] - button number.

Hotfixes of business logic

If you know SQL and the system, you will have the opportunity to quickly change the business logic hot from the office, and not wait for the programmers for weeks when they correct the inaccuracy in the process.

What the work process looks like

  1. We determine what needs to be implemented in 1 version of the product (TK)
  2. We select ready-made developments that can be used
  3. Modifying as necessary for the project
  4. Gradually develop the solution as new needs arise

Interested in introducing a similar system?
Please write to the chat on the right.