Falcon Space is an SQL-based development platform

How it works

Each page is a set of components whose business logic you can control through SQL.
1. Page is being created

2. Install Component Snippets
On the page there is a ready-made snippet (html markup), which is ultimately rendered into a table, dashboard, form or any other component. Snippet example: <div class='as-table' data-code='orders'></div>
3. Creating SQL Business Logic
After adding the snippet to the page, you create a component with this code and implement the necessary business logic in its predefined stored procedures. Also at this level you have many possibilities for customizing the appearance of the components.

What gives a similar approach technically

Runtime development
All development goes in runtime mode from the developer's office

Component Portability
Any component is essentially a block of SQL code that can be transported between systems

The absence of intermediate layers in the form of heavy ORM allows you to achieve good performance and performance

Database structure optimization
A database optimized for a specific project, rather than a universal database-like structure for which it is difficult to write SQL

Focus on business logic
Less troubles over Frontend. The focus is on business logic, not appearance (which looks good by default)

Working with bugs
Easier error localization (most likely they are in the SQL code written for the project)

Ability to customize ready-made solutions
You can change the business logic of existing solutions for yourself and develop these solutions by adding new features

1-2 people to support the system
To support the system, it is enough to have 1 person with knowledge of SQL and basic knowledge of Bootstrap (for markup)

What the system is written on

Development Platform .NET 4.7, MS ASP.NET MVC
Development Language C #
Frontend Bootstrap, JS, JSON
Hosting, server Win-hosting, or VPS with Windows Server

Key questions

How to integrate with external systems?
1C, payment gateways, etc.

The system has a universal API that allows you to create new API methods and display the result via HTTPS in the form of XML, JSON and Plain text. Also, the system can access external systems through POST and GET requests

How to transfer solutions between your instances
Write ready-made solutions and use them in your solutions

Any subsystem or page is a set of SQL code and data in the database. All this can be represented in the form of an SQL package that creates the necessary database structure and the required stored procedures.

In what form is the system delivered?
Web Application and SQL Server Database

The application is installed on the VPS Windows server (or windows hosting) of the client along with the database

How is the system updated?
Updating the kernel and updating the SQL structure (if necessary)

The core of the system is updated by simple copying on demand. SQL system tables and procedures are performed manually if necessary.

How is error control and query tracing done?
Errors - in the table as_trace.

Errors and trace results (sql function as_print) are displayed in the administrator-developer’s office.

What if I need a completely new component that is not in the system?
Can be done in JS

It is possible to implement a component in JavaScript with ajax access to the server (JS function as_request)

Partnership and collaboration options

You are the customer

We are contractors for your project

Work in stages: we define the technical task - we evaluate the stage and fix the estimate and terms - we perform work - we hand over the stage

You are the seller of the box

We provide customized solutions for the customer

With each sale, you get 50% of the cost of the box. You do not need to bother with the technical side and improvements - we take it upon ourselves.

You are a seller and contractor on the project

We provide technical support for you for free

You can independently process customer requests for revision + 50% from the sale of the box.

There is a desire to discuss questions on possible cooperation - please write to Whatsapp