Create a step-by-step web project. How to create a web application on Falcon Space

How to develop an accounting program / service with personal accounts in Falcon space. Procedure for interaction and performance of works.

Concept - Technical task - Development - Correction

You probably have an idea to create a certain account system or service with personal accounts. Following this approach, you will be able to implement your system on our Falcon Space platform.

The first step is to create a project concept

Concept - the entry point to the project

Define the initial key characteristics of the project:

project goals and vision will help to provide guidance on where the project should move description of the target audience will give an understanding of who we are doing the service for an offer for the target audience will help you evaluate how profitable your commercial offer looks a description of all the features of the system, which you plan to implement in the first version of the product monetization of the project will give an understanding of what we plan to earn on the service - if this is an external service

You can take our template as the basis of the concept document. Web project concept template.

The project concept should be created by the aughtor of the project. This work cannot be delegated to others.

The second step is to define a system design document

Technical task - the basis of interaction
owner and contractor

This is a simplified technical description of how the system should work. What this document includes:

System processes. What business processes take place in the system System roles and their capabilities. Active subjects of the system are user types, each has its own capabilities and its own interface in the system System objects - definition of the main accounting objects, for example, orders, goods, documents Cabinets structure - cabinets and pages in them are defined Functional requirements for each page. What is displayed on the page, how and what should work on the page Non-functional system requirements. Localization support, performance requirements, layout, technology, etc. Integration. What systems are supposed to be integrated with and to what extent

This document is prepared by a technical specialist. We work in the format a question-answer with the customer and iteratively generate a document.

The third step is to evaluate the project or the first phase of the project

The estimate is fixed at the project stage

A modular assessment of what needs to be implemented in the form of an estimate. If we are using a finished solution and adapting it, this should be taken into account in the project evaluation.

If the project is large, then it is divided into stages and implementation is carried out in separate stages with a separate task, budget and terms for each stage.

The fourth step is the implementation of the system as part of the first stage

The customer is an active participant in the project,
giving feedback

Creating pages for each cabinet and placing component snippets Implementation of components - tables, forms, dashboards, prescribing the basic business logic in SQL If necessary, develop and connect additional modules, for example, integration with some external system Entering test data and testing core processes

The customer can actively participate in the development processes, giving feedback on the created functionality.

Fifth step - putting the system into operation and correcting the solution

Engage real users
in implementation and correcting

During the work on the project, new ideas and improvements appear. All of them are recorded in the backlog - this is a repository of new features that are planned to be implemented in the future. Based on them, a package of tasks for the next stage is determined.

At this step, the points that were missed in the previous steps are finalized. Also being put into operation:

Server - Windows Server 2016 x64

The solution is transferred to the customer’s server Backup is being implemented System Operator Training Passwords on the system change

Further stages already depend on the needs of the customer.

If there is a need to develop or finalize something, then an additional treaty is drawn up and agreed with the task, deadlines and transparent estimates. Then the next stage is launched.

Component demo stand
At the stand you can see various components in action - tables, forms, modal windows, diagrams, a map, etc.
Solution demo site
Basic solutions that can be flexibly adapted for yourself - change the appearance, business logic and even the structure of the database.
Discuss the project
Ask the initial questions about the project that concern you right now. We will advise you for free and recommend the best solution.