Falcon projects

All projects are based on the Falcon Space platform


Ad platform for hiring developers

Key points of the solution: After registration the employer can fill in the most detailed information about their company in their profile The vacancy form is also filled out as widely as possible. Linked lists are implemented, which greatly simplifies filling in The process of moving vacancies by status An employer can fill out a job form and see how it will look on the job Board before it is published The company profile has a progress bar that shows the % status of the profile's fullness The site administrator displays a list of registered employers, and under the table there are vacancies from each of them, which greatly simplifies the search for vacancies by company The project also implemented improvements to the core, which allowed the introduction of additional features. One of these features is the operation of dependent multiple-choice lists.


Car Service Aggregator

Key Solution Points:

  • Processing the auction process to select the best service provider for the customer
  • A wide profile for car services (you can paint information about yourself as detailed as possible).
  • The ability for the customer to specify all the information for the vehicle in advance, which greatly simplifies the creation of the order
  • The process of moving an order by status.
  • Adding feedback on the work of the car service

Within the framework of the project, kernel improvements were also implemented, which made it possible to introduce additional features. One of these possibilities is adding files to an entity that has not yet been created (there was no such possibility before, but we decided to implement it for this project, because in general it is a useful opportunity for other future projects).


Animator Services Aggregator

What features did the solution have:

  • Integration with mango call tracking according to the connection scheme "Board" ./ li>
  • Processing the auction process to select the best organizer by the customer
  • Adding feedback on the work of the organizer
  • Internal metrics for key business metrics for the business admin.
  • SEO optimization according to the requirements of the promotion team
  • implementation of an external landing page for the front part.


Country House Service Aggregator

Key points to solve:

Displaying artists on the map, displaying the order object on the map.
The process of moving an order by status.
Creating and linking a chat between the customer and the contractor within the framework of the order.
Adding feedback on the work of the contractor
Additionally, during the project, the XSS security problem was identified and fixed (additional protection was introduced against entering HTML tags from the user in the input fields).


Service for organizing training through online courses

The following functions are implemented in the system:

  • course entry,
  • chapter by chapter,
  • task completion check,
  • course tracking,
  • student analytics.
  • Manage course materials and course order
  • for internal use


Football Manager Simulator (multiplayer game)

Football simulator in the web interface without using 3d / 2d visualization and game animation. The key difficulty is the organization of interaction and coordination of players in the match. The coordination of the players takes place through the built-in chats for the team.

Functionality of organizing and conducting championships among teams. So far in its most basic form. It is planned to gradually develop and complicate the business logic of tournaments and matches.

Using a different type of clock in the system. As the timer of counting events, the built-in mechanism of the crown is used in .NET.


Aggregator of repair and finishing services Remcomarket

For video communication, it was decided to use the VoxImplant service, which allows you to organize free video chat on the site through the API.

Falcon Auction was taken as a basic solution and finalized to the business logic of the project. In the system, the repair order project moves through the statuses from Created to Closed. Upon completion of the project, the Customer leaves feedback to the Contractor on the site.

The result was a platform for the interaction of customers and contractors in the field of repair and construction.

The basic creation of the site took 2 months. This does not take into account the nuances of video chat improvements.


Wine Aggregator for Georgia

The main project was implemented for 1.5 months.

The delay was caused by the work on adapting the design to customer requirements and localization (localization affected not only the interface, but also the catalog data).

The result is the following:

  • the completed project allows suppliers to upload their products to the site
  • the customer can add products from various suppliers to his basket and place an order
  • the system does not use a single nomenclature (although such an opportunity is included in the engine), each commodity item of a supplier has its own characteristics.
  • complete localization of the interface and catalog and cabinet data.
  • the site was redesigned in accordance with the developed design of the customer.