Creating a custom CRM (5 roles for users)

Creating a custom CRM (5 roles for users)

Initial task

Make a CRM for a company with a large base of employees, customers, and tasks. 

The system should log various user actions.


Key points of the solution

  • Flexible separation of data visibility depending on the employee's position and place of work;
  • Automatic monthly salary calculation according to the position and working hours of the employee;
  • A variety of analytical reports to analyze the productivity of employees.
  • Fixing actions: changing fields, saving forms, visiting pages.

Customer response

Customer feedback on startpack:

We have fully updated it for all requests. They were sympathetic to all the additions that arose along the way (and there were many of them) and quickly implemented them. The CRM is convenient, made according to all our " wishes".

We have been looking for a CRM for a long time, but most of them are either very expensive to ask for changes, or they were not ready to adjust something for us at all. Falcon Space turned out to be just a golden find for us, everything was done as we wanted, and most importantly quickly and with an appropriate, not overpriced price. Thanks!

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