Country House Service Aggregator

Country House Service Aggregator

Initial task

The key idea of the project is to help people living in the countryside simplify the process of finding suitable people and ordering services for servicing a country house from them.

It could be anything:

bring a truck of sand
dig a trench through the whole site
repair the roof
install a boiler
The system should allow the customer to choose the right contractor and place an order.

All interaction is aimed at the use of mobile devices - primarily smartphones.


Key points to solve:

Displaying artists on the map, displaying the order object on the map.
The process of moving an order by status.
Creating and linking a chat between the customer and the contractor within the framework of the order.
Adding feedback on the work of the contractor
Additionally, during the project, the XSS security problem was identified and fixed (additional protection was introduced against entering HTML tags from the user in the input fields).

Customer response

There is no feedback on the project yet. We really hope that he will appear here soon - / reviews

PS Also see the detailed article with illustrations and a demo about creating your own auction-type service platform < / a>

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