Creating an accounting system for project management, finance - Falcon AS

Creating an accounting system for project management, finance - Falcon AS

Initial task

This is our system for internal needs. 

Previously, it was made from scratch on ASP.NET. But the problem was that it is difficult/long/expensive to develop and change it to meet changing needs. 

Therefore, it was necessary to transfer it to a more modern Falcon Space platform. 

At the same time, the SQL Server database should remain the same to avoid unnecessary synchronization of the new and old databases. 


The transition to Falcon Space was multi-stage. First, we implemented the main things - Projects, Tasks, Stages, and Users. 

It was important to provide operational work in the system at the basic level, so that then gradually transfer secondary objects. This transition took about a month-from the initial installation to the beginning of the work of people in the system. 

Then the reports were updated during the project stages, and the documents were generated (act, invoice, DS). A system for processing counterparties has been implemented, and a mechanism for monitoring parameters for system participants (load, time, tasks, overruns) has been implemented. 

At stage 3, the Bug tracker was moved to the system, and a system of checklists was implemented for testing and passing through the checklists. 

A client account has been created for working with the backlog and tracking the main parameters of the current stage. 

Integration with Google Disk is implemented - auto-creation of folders on Google Disk, document editing, auto-generation of documents. 

Customer response

The best decisions are made when you know the technical part well and have a deep understanding of the business requirements (because you developed them yourself out of the current real need). 

We did not need to make a large technical specification for the system with further acceptance of the result. The system is polished almost weekly. The best solutions come gradually, in the process of working within the system, and not at the initial stage of development.

Any revision that we make in the system is not a set of "to be", but the current urgent need. 

And the time interval between the decision to implement and the implementation itself is not 1-2 weeks, but several hours (you came up with it yourself, you implemented it yourself, you use it yourself). 

In the case of the old system, this was not possible, because custom development implies a long cycle of implementing changes. In Falcon Space, this is done using SQL in the developer dashboard. I wrote SQL directly in the office and checked it under my user, without leaving the cash register. 

History of creation of Falcon Space

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