Ad platform for hiring developers

Ad platform for hiring developers

Initial task

Creating a platform for hiring IT specialists.

The main idea of the project is to make attractive Gabbard for posting jobs employers and equip it with various filters to easily find vacancies in the field of interest of the developer.

The site must be fully implemented in English.


Key points of the solution:

  • After registration the employer can fill in the most detailed information about their company in their profile
  • The vacancy form is also filled out as widely as possible. Linked lists are implemented, which greatly simplifies filling in
  • The process of moving vacancies by status
  • An employer can fill out a job form and see how it will look on the job Board before it is published
  • The company profile has a progress bar that shows the % status of the profile's fullness
  • The site administrator displays a list of registered employers, and under the table there are vacancies from each of them, which greatly simplifies the search for vacancies by company.

The project also implemented improvements to the core, which allowed the introduction of additional features.

One of these features is the operation of dependent multiple-choice lists.

Customer response

The customer's feedback can be viewed here -


1) A good compromise between a boxed solution and individual development, allows you to significantly reduce costs.

2) The wide functionality allows you to quickly launch an MVP and test a business idea.

3) The development team is reactive and always in touch, many points are corrected in seconds.

4) The project was delivered on time, everything was done efficiently.

5) Low cost of platform support, everything can be done in SQL and Bootstrap.


There are no specific options for editing the text of vacancies: highlight in bold, underline and mark in other colors. I think it is possible to refine it.

The optimal solution for a startup, if you have a limited budget and / or little time before the launch of the project.

See the articleCreating a complex website. Road map

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