Creating an exchange of text works based on the Falcon Auction solution

Creating an exchange of text works based on the Falcon Auction solution

Initial task

Create a platform for finding experts on the implementation of various coursework, graduation work, reports, and so on.


The site is implemented according to the Auction type: the customer creates an order, experts submit their proposals for implementation, the customer chooses the most profitable one among them.

Key blocks:

  • Implemented the ability to create an order directly for a specific expert.
  • A store of finished works has been implemented. Experts can sell ready-made works on various topics.
  • Reference-type catalogs are implemented, where various articles can be published, and information about the services provided can be displayed. This significantly increases the SEO of the site.

Customer response

Customer Feedback: 

I am very grateful to the falcon team for the fruitful and high-quality cooperation. We completed all the work in a short, previously agreed time frame. All improvements and shortcomings were carried out without unnecessary words and complaints, and promptly.

Special thanks to Ruslan, Marina and Viktor. The team works quickly, smoothly and efficiently. We will continue to cooperate with them.

I really want this company to thrive because there are very few such contractors. We will contribute to the development in every possible way!

I recommend the company falcon as executors because the work was done efficiently, on time and for adequate money!

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