Car Service Aggregator

Car Service Aggregator

Initial task

The main idea of the project is to make a convenient, understandable platform for organizing the presentation of services of auto service stations for cities of Ukraine.

The site should be made in Russian and Ukrainian.

A map search should be implemented.


Key Solution Points:

  • Processing the auction process to select the best service provider for the customer
  • A wide profile for car services (you can paint information about yourself as detailed as possible).
  • The ability for the customer to specify all the information for the vehicle in advance, which greatly simplifies the creation of the order
  • The process of moving an order by status.
  • Adding feedback on the work of the car service

Within the framework of the project, kernel improvements were also implemented, which made it possible to introduce additional features. One of these possibilities is adding files to an entity that has not yet been created (there was no such possibility before, but we decided to implement it for this project, because in general it is a useful opportunity for other future projects).

Customer response


1. Using the service has significantly reduced the cost of developing the project.

2. Convenient and understandable user accounts, wide functionality of the system administrator

3. Most of the necessary functions are already in the system, in case of their absence, the developers are ready to add them as soon as possible.

4. Completion of all work on time


Not Detected

The best alternative to developing an Internet service from scratch.

This review was published on the Startpack service - 20200312-agregator-avtoservisov-na-platforme-falcon-space

PS Also see the detailed article with illustrations and a demo about creating your own auction-type service platform < / a>

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