Wine Aggregator for Georgia

Wine Aggregator for Georgia

Initial task

Within the framework of the project, it was necessary to implement a tool for uniting wine suppliers in Georgia.

A single wine showcase should be implemented with the ability to filter by the attributes of the wine, as well as order products through the site.

Key Features:

  • localization is needed,
  • need an opportunity to develop a solution for yourself in the future,
  • full adaptability for mobile.
  • opportunity in the future to implement an adjacent portal for B2C.


The main project was implemented for 1.5 months.

The delay was caused by the work on adapting the design to customer requirements and localization (localization affected not only the interface, but also the catalog data).

The result is the following:

  • the completed project allows suppliers to upload their products to the site
  • the customer can add products from various suppliers to his basket and place an order
  • the system does not use a single nomenclature (although such an opportunity is included in the engine), each commodity item of a supplier has its own characteristics.
  • complete localization of the interface and catalog and cabinet data.
  • the site was redesigned in accordance with the developed design of the customer.

Customer response

Questions to the customer

  1. What do we need to improve in falcon in the first place? (in the platform itself)
  2. What functionality would you like to see in the box (which is currently missing)?
  3. Do you need documentation for individual pages or an interface, and so is clear in the office?

Customer Response

Before contacting you, I studied various cms,,, and a few more , based on my requirements for accounting and analytics in the future, only your platform satisfied them, we met and I understand your approach to work and I watch your video blog. I also worked with sql databases (1c), very reliable

For questions

  1. Make the interface and design more modern with the possibility of more flexible settings or the use of templates, as an option
  2. Ability to select ready-made modules, for example, reviews, analytics, payment services, etc. as
  3. Probably not, enough demo when setting up.
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