Animator Services Aggregator

Animator Services Aggregator

Initial task

The key idea of the project is to make a platform for connecting customers of children's events and holidays and animators, i.e. people organizing such holidays.

The main process is as follows - the customer arrives at the site and creates his order. Animators offer their services and prices. The customer selects and orders services from the animator of his choice.


What features did the solution have:

  • Integration with mango call tracking according to the connection scheme "Board" ./ li>
  • Processing the auction process to select the best organizer by the customer
  • Adding feedback on the work of the organizer
  • Internal metrics for key business metrics for the business admin.
  • SEO optimization according to the requirements of the promotion team
  • implementation of an external landing page for the front part.

Customer response

Customer feedback on Startpack - reviews


  1. Efficiency of launching, optimizing and tuning the platform to the user's needs;
  2. Excellent control over the implementation of the project stages by the developer and timely customer support for emerging issues;
  3. The ability of the development team to adapt on the fly when working with the customer;
  4. Readiness of the developer to make changes to the platform structure (if necessary), to add new functionality;
  5. Customer support for the implementation and configuration of third-party services connected to the platform (for example, call-tracking)


Not yet identified.

The Falcon Space platform successfully occupies an intermediate niche between a boxed, but inflexible solution and a functional, but expensive, custom-made development. A competent development team and strict adherence to the project deadlines. In my opinion, the best solution for a startup. I recommend it!

PS Also see the detailed article with illustrations and a demo about creating your own auction-type service platform < / a>

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