Aggregator of repair and finishing services Remcomarket

Aggregator of repair and finishing services Remcomarket

Initial task

The main idea of ​​the project is to make it possible to monitor the progress of the repair of apartments or other construction projects. remotely using video calling.

The customer creates a project, selects the best offer from contractors. He then interacts with the selected contractor through video chat and regular chat.

This service will allow customers to control the repair of an apartment, even if it is located geographically in another city. For example, a person works in Moscow, and his apartment is in Vladimir. The service will allow him to choose a repair service provider in Vladimir and through video communication to monitor the progress of the repair of the Vladimir apartment from his office in Moscow.


For video communication, it was decided to use the VoxImplant service, which allows you to organize free video chat on the site through the API.

Falcon Auction was taken as a basic solution and finalized to the business logic of the project. In the system, the repair order project moves through the statuses from Created to Closed. Upon completion of the project, the Customer leaves feedback to the Contractor on the site.

The result was a platform for the interaction of customers and contractors in the field of repair and construction.

The basic creation of the site took 2 months. This does not take into account the nuances of video chat improvements.

Customer response

Customer feedback on Startpack -


  1. A reasonable compromise between universal solutions and development from scratch for a project
  2. The willingness of developers to develop and add functionality, including for the needs of a particular project. Not only customization, but also the inclusion of new functionality in the platform itself, and quite quickly, if in the future it is seen widespread use of this functionality
  3. Not only the marketplace engine, but also basic landing templates
  4. The ability, if necessary, to further support the customized solution by the forces of our own developers who own only SQL and Bootstrap


Not yet discovered

I was looking for a platform for a startup Internet service. Because the budget and time are limited; turnkey development from scratch has not been considered. In search of acceptable solutions on the Internet, the Falcon Space platform caught my eye, solving the problem of the main component of the project - the service marketplace. I stopped on this decision after talking with the developers.

PS Also see the detailed article with illustrations and a demo about creating your own auction-type service platform

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