Service for organizing training through online courses

Service for organizing training through online courses

Initial task

It was necessary to implement our training courses on the basis of the new platform.

It should be possible to register students and give them course chapters. Students can study the course materials and take homework through the system, and the course curator can check them and transfer to the next chapter.


The following functions are implemented in the system:

  • course entry,
  • chapter by chapter,
  • task completion check,
  • course tracking,
  • student analytics.
  • Manage course materials and course order
  • for internal use

Customer response

In fact, we ourselves were customers and at the same time executors on this project.

It is very convenient when you can quickly make the necessary improvements as you use the system. Thus, the system quickly comes to the desired state. In the previous system, there was a problem with the fact that for a very long time I had to wait for improvements on the system (it was necessary to change a trifle, but it took weeks to wait!).

This is one of the first solutions based on our platform. In the future, we plan to refine it a bit and make it a demo version of a ready-made solution for the training box in the organization.

PS You may also be interested in see the article where we in detail, we took steps with screenshots to figure out how to create your own CRM with the possibility of development in the future to suit your changing needs

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