Football Manager Simulator (multiplayer game)

Football Manager Simulator (multiplayer game)

Initial task

The idea is to implement the gameplay, a strategy in the form of a multiplayer soccer game. Atypical project for us.

A lot of players play for each team. The whole gameplay is divided into moves (each turn is 1.5 minutes). For 1 move, each “footballer” makes his movement around the field. The business logic of the game determines the movement of the ball, possession of the ball and the fact of a goal.


Football simulator in the web interface without using 3d / 2d visualization and game animation. The key difficulty is the organization of interaction and coordination of players in the match. The coordination of the players takes place through the built-in chats for the team.

Functionality of organizing and conducting championships among teams. So far in its most basic form. It is planned to gradually develop and complicate the business logic of tournaments and matches.

Using a different type of clock in the system. As the timer of counting events, the built-in mechanism of the crown is used in .NET.

Customer response

The review is on Startpack:

We are doing a large project, an Internet game, with the help of this service it turned out to significantly reduce costs, and accelerate the receipt of a prototype of the game. So many functions did not have to be made new, they were already developed before, of course a lot had to be added. In this program, all this was possible. The development team is always in touch.

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