Ready engine for product marketplace

Quickly create an initial version of your marketplace

How the product’s marketplace works


Suppliers place their products on the site

2. Search for goods by the customer

Customers search for products through a single catalog

3.Choice of products

Customer adds products to the cart

4.Process order

Customer places orders with suppliers

5.Product delivery

Suppliers enforce order

Quick start

You do not start from scratch, as is the case with custom development. There is already a basic set of the most basic functions, the system can be developed and simultaneously filled with data.

Low cost

If you make a similar decision to order on the full development stack, it will come out many times more and longer, because this implies a full development cycle with TK, testing, debugging.

Customization / Development

The ability to adapt the solution for yourself. Flexibility, the ability to increase functionality - a must for a serious long-term project

Save Ownership

The development of the system does not require specialists of different spectra (designers, backend, front-end programmers, etc.). It is enough to have 1 specialist with knowledge of SQL and basic layout skills on Bootstrap.

Key point

Falcon Space is the optimal middle ground between a versatile, confusing and highly adaptable product like Bitrix and expensive custom development of the project engine.

Ready-made basic practices On the one hand, you quickly get some key basic set of necessary functions for the project.

Flexible adaptation/customization options On the other hand, it can be easily further developed for yourself, creating new modules and changing business logic existing modules. Only 2 technologies you need to know for the development of the system - SQL and Bootstrap.

What do you end up with

An application instance with the specified functionality and WIDE options for further custom development project

Windows Server Virtual Private Server (VPS) with backup copying and configured infrastructure for the project (or configured Windows hosting)

System use training (documentation, as well as consultations on the most efficient use of the system)

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Terms, prices, terms

How much does it cost
2100 USD *
basic solution with setting up the program environment
Terms of setting up the basic version
10 business days
since signing the contract
If you need to modify something
25 USD per hour *
Implementation of fixed labor assessment works
Iterative approach

* - is not an offer

Falcon Space - the basic solution of the commodity platform

See with your own eyes

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