Service for renting objects

A service for renting real estate, vehicles, and equipment. Personal accounts of the tenant and the lessor

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How the system works

1.Convenient catalog of objects with a booking calendar for the client

The client can leave a request for the object of interest and immediately book the necessary dates.

2.You can book an object directly in the catalog

The client can go to the application form directly in the catalog.

3.Intuitively simple cabinet owner

By registering as the Owner, you can easily and quickly add your property to the database and keep track of its booking history.

4.Object tracking

Maintenance of the equipment database by the company's managers.

5.Customer Base

Customer base with order history for faster transactions.

6.Universal structure for renting objects of any type

The structure is perfect for companies that rent out real estate, vehicles, equipment and much more.

Quick start

You do not start from scratch, as is the case with custom development. There is already a basic set of the most basic functions, the system can be developed and simultaneously filled with data.

Low cost

If you make a similar decision to order on the full development stack, it will come out many times more and longer, because this implies a full development cycle with TK, testing, debugging.

Customization / Development

The ability to adapt the solution for yourself. Flexibility, the ability to increase functionality - a must for a serious long-term project

Save Ownership

The development of the system does not require specialists of different spectra (designers, backend, front-end programmers, etc.). It is enough to have 1 specialist with knowledge of SQL and basic layout skills on Bootstrap.

Key point

Falcon Space is the optimal middle ground between a versatile, confusing and highly adaptable product like Bitrix and expensive custom development of the project engine.

Ready-made basic practices On the one hand, you quickly get some key basic set of necessary functions for the project.

Flexible adaptation/customization options On the other hand, it can be easily further developed for yourself, creating new modules and changing business logic existing modules. Only 2 technologies you need to know for the development of the system - SQL and Bootstrap.

What do you end up with

An application instance with the specified functionality and WIDE options for further custom development project

Windows Server Virtual Private Server (VPS) with backup copying and configured infrastructure for the project (or configured Windows hosting)

System use training (documentation, as well as consultations on the most efficient use of the system)

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Terms, prices, deadlines

How much does it cost
1680 USD *
basic solution with setting up the program environment
Terms of setting up the basic version
10 business days
since signing the contract
If you need to modify something
25 USD per hour *
Implementation of work on a fixed assessment of labor costs
An iterative approach

* - is not an offer

Falcon Space - решение по аренде оборудования

Solution Questions / Answers

What's in the solution?

The solution includes all the features that are available on the current Demo portal (that is, it is supplied 'as is' at the current moment of development of the solution). Also, the solution has all the capabilities of the Falcon Space platform , which can be customized for your project.

How flexible is the solution in terms of changes? Can I customize it for myself?

A solution is a platform-based project implementation. You can change the appearance of forms, tables, catalog (both HTML and CSS). You can change existing and add your own business logic, add new roles and user accounts, introduce your own restrictions and rules. You can implement your landing pages to attract an audience.

Restrictions on changes apply only to structural elements (for example, main menu, top bar of elements). But these elements also have some customization options.

How to buy a solution?

First, you need to decide how much this solution suits your needs and what improvements are required for your project. The best way to do this is to start with a project concept ( Project Concept Template ).

Further, based on the concept, we will be able to find a suitable solution and give an initial, modular estimate of the budget and terms.

Cycle of work: Concept of the project - KP with an estimate of the timing and budget - Stage 1 TOR - Stage 2 implementation - Stage 3 implementation. Learn more about working on a project .

How much does the solution cost?

The cost of the demo is indicated above on this page. This price includes the basic setup of the solution on a hosting, a license for the Falcon Space platform.

If further work is needed, the task is defined, the estimate is agreed and the stage of revisions is launched according to your needs.

Is it possible to implement integrations with other applications?

The Falcon Space platform, on the basis of which the solution is made, has a universal API mechanism. You can either create your own API for others (so that they can programmatically access your system), or send requests to external systems.

HTTPS GET / POST requests are used with data transfer in the form of XML / JSON. You can read about the API here .

Can I make my own home page?

You can use either a ready-made typical landing page, or create your own landing page with any design (but it is advisable to make the layout on Bootstrap 4 for ease of support in the future) and implement it into the solution.

Is it possible to implement multilingualism in the solution?

The platform has ample opportunities to implement multilingualism (both translation of the interface into other languages ​​and translation of user data).

The work on connecting other languages ​​is not included in the base cost, and can be performed as part of the project of improving the solution for you.

How are there limits on the number of users and on the number of database objects?

The results of load tests can be viewed in the blog article . In short, with 1000 page visits per minute, the system works without visible slowdowns.

The application is based on MS SQL Server, which allows you to create databases with a large amount of data (10 million rows in a table).

Also, a lot depends on the hardware on which the application is running (in the simplest case, it can be Windows hosting, for example, win-0 on The larger the project, the more capacity is required from the hosting / server.

Is there a mobile application for the solution?

We use PWA applications - this is a kind of analogue of native mobile applications (but at the same time it remains a site). More details can be found here - Adaptive site or mobile application .

In short, it is cheaper, faster, easier to maintain, it is easier to motivate the user to install and use it, but it is not suitable for all types of applications (for example, it is not suitable for games, or where tight integration with the hardware / device capabilities is needed).

Can I further develop the solution on my own without your help?

Yes, it is possible. The entire solution is written on the Falcon Space platform using only 2 technologies - MS SQL (business logic and data processing) and Bootstrap 4 (appearance). A person who knows these 2 technologies and has studied our documentation will be able to

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