SQL. How to work with dates

How to work with dates

Format used dd.mm.yyyy (if you are using a type Date selection)

In the form save procedures, pass the Date parameters as a line.

Reduction line to date: try_convert(date, isnull(@fielddateBirth,'01.01.1980'), 104)

Reduction date to line: convert(nvarchar, isnull(dateBirth,'01.01.1900'), 104)

If you use a type HTML Date, then the output and save is used as follows:

Reduction line to date: try_convert(date, isnull(@fielddateBirth,'1980-01-01'), 23)

Reduction date to line: convert(nvarchar, isnull(dateBirth,'1900-01-01'), 23)

If required in table edit Date and Time

Column type - line, type of column editing - Date and time


  • поле @result.started Type nvarchar(64)
  • in insert bring to the line format(started, 'dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm')


  • set started = try_convert(datetime, isnull(@value,'01.01.2000 00:00'), 104)

If required on the form edit Date

Type of column - HTML5

USE rudenas2x  
GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::[dbo].daily_GetExecutorsLoading
    TO falcon2;  



convert(nvarchar,isnull(deadline,'1900-01-01'),23) as deadline


deadline = try_convert(date,isnull(@fielddeadline,'1900-01-01'),23)

Format of date: https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/1145/date-and-time-conversions-using-sql-server/

Working with form fields of type DATE

If you have a field Date HTML 5 (input[type=date] used), then all dates should be led to the view YYYY-MM-DD. The example - convert(nvarchar(10), deadlineDate, 120). This is done both to load the value and to save. 

If you have a date of type Date (используется Datepicker used), you can enter the format specified in the GetLayout Info в SELECT 1 in parameter dateFormat. 

Usually it is dd.mm.yyyy. The example convert(nvarchar(10), deadlineDate, 104)


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