How to put test data in a SQL Server table

You can use the following template to do this: 

declare @i int =1

while @i < 200 begin

INSERT INTO [dbo].[tst_finances]
           ([fromID],[toID] ,[typeID],[statusID],[sum],[created],[projectID],[factPayed])
           ((SELECT TOP 1 id FROM tst_customers ORDER BY NEWID())
           ,(SELECT TOP 1 id FROM tst_customers ORDER BY NEWID())
           ,(SELECT TOP 1 id FROM tst_finTypes ORDER BY NEWID())
           ,rand()* 100000
           ,dateadd(day, - rand()*5000, getdate())
           ,(SELECT TOP 1 id FROM tst_projects ORDER BY NEWID())
           ,dateadd(day, - rand()*1000, getdate())  )
	set @i = @i + 1


Consider the individual elements. 

1. Paste N lines - make a while cycle and inside insert. 

2. To fill in a value using a foreign key, select a random row from the parent table: 

(SELECT TOP 1 id FROM tst_customers ORDER BY NEWID())

3. Getting a random number from 0 to N:

select rand()* 100000, cast(rand()* 100 as int) 

4. Getting a random date (from 0 to N days ago)

dateadd(day, - rand()*1000, getdate()) 

5. Generating a random line: 

select left(NEWID(),7)

In this simple way, you can quickly add any number of lines to the table.11


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