How to search for a developer in the team

The main sources of programmers for us are site, our web development courses and acquaintances.

Let's consider each of them:

  1. is good because it is the most complete and up-to-date database of candidates for IT. conducts various promotions periodically, which give significant savings. 

Both the publication of a vacancy and the selection of candidates with the subsequent buying of a contact view work.. 

  1. Your free training course is a godsend in terms of finding good programmers. 

A good developer wants to learn. While he is studying, you can see how he solves problems, what he is capable of, whether it is worth letting him to his projects. 

Free training attracts some traffic. The contractor can look at you and your team, and you can look at him. 

Ideally, make learning as independent as possible. In this case, you reduce your costs, but at the same time you leave the opportunity to watch the results of the students. 

In our case, it was a course ASP.NET MVC 5, which the student studied, did examples, and we looked at the results of the tasks. 

Most of them fell off at 1-2 chapters. And that's fine. Most of the candidates are not suitable, most are based on personal qualities (and this is immediately evident from the example of training).

The course makes it possible to filter candidates almost free of charge by the most accurate criterion - by the results of the work actually done. This is a very important point - not to waste your small resources on unsuitable performers. Your course should be complex enough to weed out the weak and unmotivated. Few will pass it, but you don't need all of them. You have sifted out the grains of gold - invest further in them, and not in all in a row. 

Now the course is for us ASP.NET not important, we teach the Falcon Space platform for free (HTML + SQL as the basis).

The course also helps to introduce a person into work processes. If a person has completed your course, then he already knows how you work, what is good, what is bad, and it does not need to be painfully implemented for a long time. 

  1. Acquaintances

If a lot of developers or other IT specialists have passed through you, then you can simply ask them "Do you have any good programmers you know". And if they are busy, then you should also ask them this question.

As a result, you will find good candidates for free. Why are these candidates better than the average candidate for ? Because he came on the recommendation of an adequate person. A good person will recommend another good person. 

The opposite rule is: don't ask inadequate/weak/lazy people for recommendations. They will bring the same similar candidates.

Working with recommendations is a great deal for everyone. Asking for a recommendation gets the gender of a verified candidate. The person giving the recommendation provides a service to both people, and may also apply to them for a service in the future. The one who was recommended gets an order or a job. 

This scheme works only in the case of a bona fide relationship, when no one wants to throw or cheat anyone.

An important point is to maintain a database of personnel. All candidates, all dismissed should be in a single database. In the future, you can return more than once to the candidate. Some inadequate candidates should be blacklisted in the database in order not to accidentally cross paths with them in the future (after all, these are the ones who are most looking for work, since most of their jobs are disposable). 

More general articles on finding and checking programmers can be found in our blog.


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