Project control - key points and waterlines

Control on the project is needed for the following points:

  • Reducing unnecessary expenses
  • Reducing project delays
  • Efficient use of human resources
  • Timely identification of serious problems (overspending, critical errors, doing the wrong thing, etc.). 

Timely identification of serious problems (overspending, critical errors, doing the wrong thing, etc.).

Control by the customer is most preferable, because he can make adjustments to the product being created on time, and not at the final acceptance. Also, the customer is usually more calm when he has tight control over the work on the project.

For his part, the manager should give maximum opportunities for the customer to carry out such control. 

How do we exercise control inside?

There is a main table of projects, it shows the following: 

  • number of open tasks
  • current consumption by stage
  • how much time has passed since the start of the stage
  • how many % completed by stage
  • how many % did the customer look at and accept basic (intermediate acceptance)
  • workload on the project for yesterday and for the week
  • the state of the gods

Approximately 1 time in 3 days we call the project manager and go through his projects. At the same time, the manager updates the statuses by stage, writes comments. If there are difficulties or nuances, then we discuss how best to solve them.

For the customer, the control is carried out in weekly calls with the display of current developments by stage. He can also visit the test site at any time and see the developments at the moment.

A bad situation arises when the customer does not look at the work on the project at all, relying on your professionalism. At the same time, no one knows what he means by this. This is the easiest way to be disappointed in specialists - to expect it is not clear what, not to watch the result, and then see and get upset. 

Force the client to participate in the project by all means at the earliest stages. Nothing good will end with a project in which the customer does not go further than the main page. 

Remember about the opposite situation - when there is too much control, everything slows down and becomes unnecessarily nervous, anxious. A little wrong step - immediately flies on the head. This is a bad situation, because people are beginning to be afraid of mistakes, to be reinsured, to choose the simplest possible solutions that will not create problems.

If you are just starting to create your control in projects, start with the simplest metrics - % completion of tasks by stage and workload. By focusing on these parameters, you will in any case move the project in the right direction.

A little later, you can think about the finances of the stage, about the effectiveness of individual people, overspending on the elements of the stage, on delays that occur at the stage. 


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