Hiring developers in a web studio

Finding the right specialist is not easy. There are conflicting parameters: qualifications, experience, location, salary, personal qualities.

For example, you want to tightly control the programmer, and experienced developers do not like when they are tightly patronized and monitor every step.

Decide on your key criteria. Decide where you are ready to go to meet the developer.

For example, it is important for us that a person should be able to work independently without daily tight control, be in touch during the day, not include a fool (or a fool).

At the same time, we offer a person to work at any time convenient for him, remotely in any place.

After working out the criteria, create your vacancy and place it on the main Job sites. Start with HH.ru as the biggest portal about work. 

The vacancy should be truthful, as accurate as possible, there is no need to lure through tricks. Indicate what you can give the candidate and what you expect from him. Describe responsibilities, technologies and working conditions.

All responses must be fully worked out. To work out means either to accept an internship, or to check and weed out. 

We conduct an interview with everyone. If there are a lot of people, then we give a test task and filter out according to the primary signs - accuracy, accuracy, interest, attention to detail.

The problem is that a lot of people do not do everything in this life with high quality. They respond to dozens of vacancies, do everything superficially (even respond to the employer saving energy for a letter). It is desirable to cut off these people at the earliest stage, without wasting precious time on them. 

We have analyzed the interview in a another article (How to conduct an interview with a developer).

 Those who have passed - we send them to a free fast course inside your system (for 1-2 weeks). Its purpose is to identify the real qualities of a person, to understand whether he is suitable for you, to avoid the risks of introducing an inadequate person into a work project, to teach a beginner the basic processes.

Such a course is a boon for you and a boon for the candidate. The candidate gets new skills for free (for a good candidate, this is a plus, not a waste of time). You get the opportunity to actually test a person. 

A person takes a course (someone will certainly fall off) - you can implement it for a paid internship.

Here it is already necessary to act according to the situation - if the candidate is very intelligent and valuable, you can try to immediately implement it into work processes. If a person has shown himself well, and for personal reasons he can't wait any longer - you can make the training paid and the internship full-time. 

It all depends on the candidate and your need for additional workers/brains.

In general, it is better not to force these processes. By cutting corners, you increase the risks of introducing a problematic candidate. A person can perfectly cope with his duties, but treat colleagues in a completely bestial way.

The first 1-2 weeks you need to take care of the beginner as tightly as possible. 

A good option is to make a series of videos for beginners on the main workflows and automatically give them links when registering in your system.

We once tried the idea of mentoring more experienced developers for beginners. It didn't catch on. It was not possible to implement it on a permanent basis. Beginners don't ask much (apparently, not wanting to look stupid, which is actually very stupid). And the main developers already have enough worries (the bulk of the tasks lies with them, plus they are still developers, not managers-teachers). 

And finally, it is better to search for candidates constantly. The more candidates there are, the more chances there are to find suitable ones. There will always be a profit from a strong performer, so you need to look for them constantly. Of course, this is possible provided that you have no problems with sales and finances.

In the web studio, you can always attach 1 more developer - for bugs, for help in testing system issues, for internal projects, for creating universal components, for API development. Consider this new programmer as an investment in the development of the companyи.


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