Falcon Space - a platform for creating business applications with a web interface

Base box cost

All system features are included, some may require additional configuration

900 euro *

Project support and completion

Work on creating pages and elements of business logic within the existing modules of the system

20 euro / hour
* is not an offer, includes work on initial setup
A specific estimate is determined on the basis of a request from the CP.
Attention! The cost of the box will change on May 1, 2020.
  • Full set of features
    The basic version includes all the features described on the Features page (some of them require additional customization to fit your needs).
  • No paid subscription
    The fee for the box is one-time, no periodic payments are required.
  • Any number of users
    There is no restriction on users. You buy a box and you can create any number of users and roles in the system.
  • Domain restriction
    The box is bound to a specific domain. It is also possible to install the box on a test subdomain for internal purposes. The case of a multidomain solution is discussed in a separate order.
  • Extra charge - for maintenance and development
    Maintenance and development work for your system is carried out on the basis of hourly work at the rate indicated above on this page.
  • Technical documentation
    The self-support system documentation is located documentation here .
  • System Updates
    System updates are provided for free. Work on installing updates and resolving possible problems with updates is paid for in a separate block. Falcon Space update history