Start of site development - project concept template. Where to start developing a website?

The first step in creating a site is to define what we want to implement, what should be on the site.

Here we will look at why a project concept is needed, what tasks it solves and how to create it.

What is a project concept?

Concept is important!

A concept is a frame of reference for a future project that describes the vision of the project manager.

Remember that everything described in the concept is hypothesis, not facts. And these hypotheses require confirmation by the behavior of real consumers.

Why create a concept?

The concept is the entry point into the project

The concept helps structure the initial project description. The project concept describes the key points of your project and allows you to quickly grasp the essence of the project.

How to create a concept?


Build the concept iteratively, i.e. Describe your idea superficially at the beginning.

As new information becomes available, refine the concept. Ask new questions and record the answers in the project concept.

Who creates the concept?

The product owner sets the vision of the project

The concept should be done by the project manager (or product owner). There is no need to delegate this work to technical specialists.

What is the concept of?

Target audience of the project and what problems of the target audience are we solving? How does the consumer now solve his problem? What"s our solution? What is important to the consumer in terms of his problem? What is our offer to the consumer? (offer) How do we plan to reach the consumer? (advertising, channels) Main characteristics of our solution (portal capabilities, structure) Description of objects and subjects of the future system Who are our partners? (strategic and supplier partners) What are our monetization hypotheses? How do we plan to make money and when will it come from the moment of commissioning?
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