Example of charts in the office - Falcon demo stand

Graphs and diagrams allow you to quickly assess the situation and help you make a decision. Tables are great, but charts are the ones that give you a quick idea of ??the big picture and trends.

Special table modes for presenting data in graphs and charts are shown below.

In contrast to dashboard panels, graphics from the Tables web component are convenient in that various filters can be applied, as shown in the 1st and 3rd graphs.

How do I know the budget / timeline for my project?

1. Create a project concept

Concept Template

2. Send us your concept paper

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3. We will prepare a commercial proposal with details by modules

KP example

What's involved on the page

Tables in Chart Modes

  • Horizontal progress chart with customer activity
  • Graphs "line" reflecting the statistics of the company's work during the month
  • Classic bar chart with top 5 popular products
  • Polar area chart with top 5 most active customers
  • "radar" chart showing monthly profit growth
  • Top 5 most popular products pie chart