Example Dashboard - Falcon Demo Stand

The Dashboard component is the main tool for displaying the most important metrics of system performance.

The top 4 numeric indicators (counters) also contain links to go to the corresponding menu items. There can be any number of such counters.

Other elements - panels - can be represented by graphs, diagrams of different types, as shown below. A table can also serve as a panel.

Dashboard, also known as control panel, is the user's desktop. This is where all user activity begins. What a dashboard looks like in our system:

How do I know the budget / timeline for my project?

1. Create a project concept

Concept Template

2. Send us your concept paper

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3. We will prepare a commercial proposal with details by modules

KP example

What's involved on the page


  • Four counters with basic numbers
  • Panel - chart of sales amounts by days per month
  • Panel - "bar" chart with sales sums by day for a month
  • Dashboard - donut chart with top 5 most popular products
  • Panel - polar area chart with top 5 most popular products
  • Panel - pie chart with top 5 most popular products
  • Panel - "progress bar" chart with the percentage of the sales rating of each product