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Product Categories

How do I know the budget / timeline for my project?

1. Create a project concept

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2. Send us your concept paper

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3. We will prepare a commercial proposal with details by modules

KP example

What is involved in the page

Derivation of the hierarchical structure of the product catalog

  • Convenient directory structure management
  • Output of additional information for each category (nested categories, number of products)
  • Color separation of categories containing and not containing goods (in an additional field with quantity)
  • Opening a slide form for editing by clicking on a category

Product table

  • Displaying multiple fields in one (desc_)
  • Add multiple items at once
  • Contextual product editing form
  • Slideout product editing form

The page does not display real business logic. The main goal is to show the capabilities of system components for a simple subsystem Customer-Product-Orders