Warranty service, technical support and web project development


After the site is put into operation, the site must be supported:

  • Make a database backup
  • Fix errors when they are detected
  • Monitor system speed
  • Support server/hosting
  • Develop the functionality of the system, improve existing pages and mechanisms.

We can offer the following formats for projects made on the basis of our platform:

  • Warranty-correction of errors that occur;
  • Technical support – development and improvement of the system;
  • Prevention - analysis of the application and search for problem areas.


The essence of the warranty

When errors/problems occur, we analyze these errors and correct them.  

The warranty period of service is 3 months from the date of completion of the work on the last stage of development under our service agreement (according to the agreement).

It is possible to purchase a warranty that extends the period to 1 year from the date of purchase (15 tr). 

If the failure in the program occurred not because of the program code (but, for example, because of user actions or incorrect data), all diagnostic and recovery work is carried out by agreement within the technical support.

You can simply submit a request via the Whatsapp messenger to the project chat with a description of the details of the problem: URL, screen, user, browser and description of the problem

Response time to the warranty request

We process the application on the same day. The time to solve the problem will depend on the nature of the problem.

We will be able to solve the problem within 2 working days from the moment of submitting the application.  

What is included in the warranty service

The list of works that are carried out within the framework of the warranty obligations:

  • Analysis and correction of errors that occur during the operation of the program
  • Revision of the program to meet the requirements of the technical specification on the basis of which the program was created, in case of inconsistencies between the technical specification and the program

What is not included in the warranty service

  • The warranty does not apply to third-party software.
  • Hosting and client servers are not subject to warranty service.
  • The warranty does not apply to the event of hacking of the site or a DOS attack on the site by third parties.
  • The warranty does not apply to spelling or stylistic errors of the text.
  • Optimization of system speed.  

Все эти вопросы можно согласовывать к решению в рамках технической поддержки (см. ниже).

How to save warranty obligations

The warranty ceases to apply if any of the following points are violated during the warranty period:

  • If there is a debt on finances and documents for more than 10 working days - accounts are not closed, acts are not transferred, etc.
  • In the case of an independent transfer of the site by the Client to a new hosting.
  • When the Client makes changes to the program code of the site without prior agreement with the Contractor.
  • In the event that the client removes all links from the site to the site of the contractor's company without prior approval.
  • If the site is sold, the right to warranty service is lost.

Technical support of the web project

The essence of technical support

If the warranty is about fixing errors, then technical support allows you to refine the program and implement new Customer requests.

Through a group chat in Whatsapp, the Client sends his wishes for improvements. We detail these wishes in the form of a mini technical requirement, estimate them in hours, and coordinate them with the Client.

After approval, we make improvements to the work plan, implement it in the system, hand it over to the Client and close the completed work with certificates.

In the case of a stream of minor improvements, the work is paid for after the time spent. The client can find out the current costs of improvements at any time.

The hourly rate of work completion is indicated on the page Price.

What works are carried out within the framework of technical support

  1. Create new pages, new roles, and new accounts.
  2. Changing existing pages
  3. Edits on content (layout, design, texts).
  4. Introduction of new platform features
  5. Optimization of system speed of individual pages
  6. Updating the platform core and solving possible problems during the upgrade
  7. Integration with other systems
  8. Advice on the effective use of the program

Reaction time and interaction format

The interaction takes place via the project chat in Whatsapp.

The initial response time to the request is up to 2 hours (if not at night Moscow Time). In most cases, up to 15 minutes.

The implementation of the request in the site depends on the complexity of the task and on how accurately it is set (whether it takes time to detail it, coordinate it).

Systemic prevention

The essence of systemic prevention

Systemic prevention is aimed at identifying problem areas in the system:

  • Slow SQL query
  • Lack of memory, strain on the processor for certain operations
  • Hidden errors in logs
  • Abnormal base growth
  • No server disk space, etc.

We plan to spend 1.5 hours 2-4 times a month (cost per month, respectively 4 500 and 9 000 rubles).

Simple problems found in the course of prevention are solved immediately.

Complex identified problems are passed to the customer for approval of the work on them within the framework of technical support.

The project keeps a log of identified problems and corrected points for prevention.

Prevention is carried out by agreement of the parties and is fixed in a supplementary treaties to the contract.

What kind of work we do as part of prevention.

  • Database backup control
  • Monitoring site availability (using an external service)
  • Slow Query Analysis
  • Analysis of problematic SQL queries by CPU, memory
  • Analysis of database locks
  • Analysis of queries that produce a large amount of data
  • Analysis of the exception log in the database
  • Analysis of Windows Server logs (if VPS is used)
  • Database growth analysis
  • Search for places to add indexes to the database
  • Checking server resources (disk, CPU, memory)
  • Query analysis via SQL Profiler Express
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